How Boy Saves a Thousand Lives

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How Boy Saves a Thousand Lives

How Boy Saves a Thousand Lives

One day, an old man walking down the beach saw a young boy bending over, picking up something, and throwing it back into the ocean. When he got close enough, he saw that the young boy was throwing starfish back into the ocean. The old man said, “Son , what are you doing? The young boy said, “Well, I’m saving the starfish that have washed ashore today.” The old man said, “Son, you can’t possibly make a difference with all of the starfish that have washed ashore here.” The young boy bent over, picked up another one and said, “ I made a difference to that one.” The old man turned and started walking away down the beach. When he was about 50 yards away from the young boy, he thought, maybe he’s right. Maybe one person can make a difference. “So, he turned and went back into the water. Gradually, other people walking along the beach stopped and started helping throw starfish back into the water. And it wasn’t long until there were a lot of people working together all throwing the starfish back into the ocean. That is exactly how One H.O.P.E. World concept works, People Helping People Excel starting with number One). Please thank the person who referred you to us and ask them to Pledge To Win.

H.U.M.A.N. Network

Humanity Uniting Mankind to Ascend Nobility

World H.U.M.A.N. NETWORK Project Partnerships: designed to develop small or large personal humanitarian projects located in your local neighborhood, community or country. We understand that many individuals would love to give back to humanity if there were a simple process that was accessible, accountable, identifiable and at times anonymous. Because of today’s enormous needs and exposure, we have developed a multi-faceted internet system called H.U.M.A.N. NETWORK FORUM, bringing people, projects, volunteerism, and community together to WOW The World for Success ©


Humanity: A humane act the quality of being humane; benevolence
Uniting: Bring ideas and things together people by a common interest or concern, or become unified in this way
Mankind: All human beings human beings considered collectively
Ascend: Bring to lead upward to rise or lead to a higher level
Nobility: Noble Character high ideals or excellent moral character
: Maintain relationships with people to build up or maintain informal relationships, especially with people whose friendship could bring advantages such as jobs, business or humanitarian opportunities to.




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