How to Pass IT Forward

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How to Pass IT Forward

How to Pass IT Forward

The world is experiencing a new wave of negativity, greed, deceit, ungratefulness that is displacing people and services on a daily basis. One hope is happiness, peace, health & wealth for ourselves and the ones we love. With 6.7 billion people in the world, how is it possible for the average person to make a difference? There is a way to promote positivity, for every person to practice to be their very best, and then help other people excel. We as human beings are designed to learn from each other as we develop our hopes and dreams to become a reality then “Pass IT Forward” to three or more to win in our life time.

Three Simple Steps



1.First start with number one, you know the person in the mirror. Practice having positive communications with family and friends until you can expand, to include the public and business associates. If your conversations feels negative it will sound negative to the person you’re talking to. After practice you will learn to appreciate the differences people bring to the conversation. Once you get started you will begin to feel positive results from people all around.


2The process is easy, just select three or more people you would like to help with a goodwill deed, small or large it doesn’t matter, the magic is in the doing the deed. Then watch how people react when someone gives them hope and inspiration to go forward, with just a little help.



3When people ask what they can do to thank you, simply tell them the Pass IT Forward story and spread it around and the world to make a difference. Important they must start with number one, Pass IT Forward to three or more in their life time.





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